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about us

we dance our pants off most nights... we're either at a dance, driving to a dance, going to bed late because we were at a dance, sleeping in because we have to drive home tonight after a dance or practicing our moves in front of the 6 x 4 foot mirror in the empty room that used to be our living room.

we only vacation at lindy exchanges & competitions.

we have not had a significant other who was not a lindy hopper since the mid-ninteen-ninties.

yes, we are "pre-GAP-ad" Lindy Hoppers (the ad that gave the resusrgence of Lindy Hop a major jolt in the ninties).

no, we do not have jobs.

we no longer hang out with "civilians" (people who don't lindy)... so when we're not dancing, we're hanging out with other lindy hoppers.

we've collected links from other sites that are as rabid about lindy as we are.

-A & G

contact info?

oh please don't contact us... we hate emails... see us at a dance.